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mark romanek: music video stills

200 pages - over 175 color plates
published by arena editions

with the arrival of music television in the early 1980s, video has become perhaps the most pervasive and influential medium of our time. within this medium, mark romanek has established himself as one of the most innovative video artists working today. stills from his videos comprise this beautifully printed volume which is a veritable frame-by-frame mid-career retrospective of this prolific artist's career. this book is the first devoted to romanek's art. using new technology to capture high quality stills from video, this book is a stunning collection of 175 images from some of the most acclaimed videos ever produced.
- from the publisher

the televised trail of mark romanek is distinguished by a visual sophistication that challenged popular taste at a moment ripe for blurring the lines between art, fashion, and the music video. the conceit of re-presenting his work as stills in an art book is inevitable and welcome, loading his imagery with due photographic significance... romanek allows his images the dramatic full-page moments they always were—and weren't.
- mark jacobs - paper magazine

mark romanek thinks with his eyes - the new york times

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