Desktop Wallpaper

PC Users: click on the image to view the full-size wallpaper. Right-click on the image to set it as wallpaper on your PC.

Mac Users: Download the image to your desktop, then go into your System Preferences and choose that file to be the display image.

Buddy Icons

  • Buddy Icon 1
  • Buddy Icon 2
  • Buddy Icon 3
  • Buddy Icon 4

PC Users: Add Nine Inch Nails to your Instant Messages. Just click on the one you want to download it to your PC.

Mac Users: When you click on these images, your AIM "Preferences" screen will appear. Choose "Buddy Icons" from the left-hand column, and then hit the button "Reveal Icons Folder." Then drag the image into this folder and it will appear as an option for your buddy icon. For iChat, save the icons to your harddrive, then drag and drop the image on your iChat buddy list window.

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