Spiral Email - POP 3 Setup

The new premium email service is pop3 enabled, allowing premium members of the Spiral to integrate their personal mail clients with their NIN.com email accounts.

Follow these instructions to set up this functionality:

  • From your mail client's preferences or settings, select to set up a new mailing account [this will vary by mail client -- consult with mail client help if you are unable to find it]
  • When your mail client prompts you to enter a username, you should enter your full spiral email address. Please note that your Spiral email address is now your spiral username + nin.com [e.g. spiralusername@nin.com]
  • When your mail client prompts you to enter a password, you should enter your spiral password
  • When asked to select an account type, choose the POP, Pop3 or similar option
  • Both the incoming and outgoing mail server should be set to the following: fanmail.sparkart.com
  • After setting up your new account, click to receive new mail before attempting to send mail with this account

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